South Sea Lines is a wholly owned subsidiary of MRL Capital Limited.

Our primary purpose is to transport equipment and machinery to distant and remote areas where construction work is to be carried out.

Our vessels are also used to transport timber/aggregate & other heavy material, on the tug & barge combinations.

 We have our own wharf located at the end of Speybank Street in Lae, Morobe Province.

our vessels


LOA: 59.9m
Breadth: 15.24m
Depth: 4.50m
Design Draft: 3.30m
GRT: 1205 T
Net: 3641


LOA: 22.17m
Breadth: 7.0m
Design Draft: 2.4m
GRT: 124.0 T 
Net: 38.01
Service Speed Approx.: 7.0 knots


LOA: 43.89m
Breadth: 15.24m
GRT: 516.0 T
Net: 43.01
Deck Loading: 5T/m^2
Cargo stowage area: 39.9m x 13.54m =  540 m


LOA: 54.86m
Breadth: 15.24m
GRT: 639.0 T
Net: 188.0 T
Deck Loading: 10 T/m^2
Cargo stowage area: 50.0m x 13.54m =  677 m^2


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